Warranty Terms

Warranty terms

Warranty is applicable with normal use of product. The LUMA products have a warranty period of 24 months. The Warranty period starts at the moment of purchase, which is mentioned on your proof of purchase. For products with a limited lifetime the length of warranty is identical to the advised period of use. Warranty only applies to the first owner, it is not transferable.

Warranty will be void if:

  - Original proof of purchase is missing
  - Misuse of products, use other than described in manual
  - Damage to products as a result of normal wear and tear
  - Deliberately caused damage or damage caused out of negligence
  - Damage caused by improper storage or maintenance
  - Modifications to products by customers

Where should you go?

In case of problems or defects you should contact the store where you have purchased the product. You should also bring the following items:

  - Dated proof of purchase
  - A clear description of the complaint
  - The faulty product and / or photos of the faulty product or part