Bath thermometer digital LUMA

Nice bath your little one, wonderful right. This is a really relaxing moment for most babies. It is very important that the water has a nice temperature. Too cold is not nice and too hot can be dangerous. The LUMA Digital Bath Thermometer takes away your worries, because as soon as it is in the water, the display indicates whether the temperature is good, too hot or too cold. Very practical and simple to use.

The LUMA Digital Bath Thermometer activates automatically when it comes into contact with water and floats so that you can clearly see the display. Blue means too cold, red means too warm, and green is just right. In addition to the color indicator, the exact temperature of the water can be read. There is also a battery indicator in the display. The thermometer switches off automatically after use. You can easily clean the thermometer, remove the cap, put a cloth through and it is clean. It's that simple, if the display is green, you can bathe your baby!


Dimensions / size : 10 x 10 x 2,5 cm
Art. no. : L22330
Description : Bath thermometer digital LUMA Blossom Pink
Safety Warning : WARNING - Your child can drown if left alone


Manual : Download pdf